AODP Automatic Ordering & Delivery Protocol
Who can use AODP?
For you as a provider, what are the benefits of AODP?
  • You operate your own AODP server as a digital warehouse.
  • You have full control over your master files and their quality and timeliness.
  • You are completely independent in your business and decide on prices and marketing.
  • You determine which trading partners have access to your server.
  • All articles can be provided with suitable individual characteristics with each sales transaction.
  • The duplication takes place on your server.
  • You can add digital items to your range of physical items. Digital is then not just a "copy" of the physical, but you can use and supplement the media where it makes sense to do so. Cannibalisation is avoided and a joint development that brings growth becomes possible.
  • You have a direct and complete overview of all sales and settle them yourself.
  • Cooperation with many dealers of all sizes is possible. The retailers only need the descriptive metadata f your digital items to be able to sell it
  • Working with traders is similar to physical business that means you sell individual digital editions instead of having to license the master data to platforms.
What are the advantages of AODP for you as a retailer?
  • As a retailer you are independent and can operate your digital offer yourself. This gives you business independence (!) from portals and the business processes of third parties.
  • With the sale via AODP, you customer is and stays "Your customer" as all customer data stay in your hands. Taking data protection into account, it is possible to maintain your individual customer marketing.
  • You can expand your range and easily offer physical and digital items together.
  • AODP Enables collaboration with vendors without licensing and complicated rights management for the digital articles. The business with digital articles is similar to that with physical articles.
  • With AODP, it will be much easier for retailers to offer and sell digital products. You can enter the digital goods business without having to license, store and technically organize them.
  • Through the AODP network, you can work together with many providers in a standardized way and use their digital warehoueses.
  • You can also compile an assortment of selected digital articles which are exactly suitable for your customers.
  • You can offer digital articles via your webshop, "from the shop counter" or via new channels. For your customers, visiting your business online or on site is attractive, because you have a competent and comprehensive offer.
  • You only need a relatively small amount of memory capacity for your online sales opportunity since only descriptive metadata of the digital is needed. Storage and the associated organizational processes take place at the source at the suppliers. Thanks to this cooperation, your offer will always be up-to-date and of high quality.
  • Your offer and appearance can bear your individual signature. You can bring your personal competence to the sale of the articlesn and Thus, stand out from the rest.
What do you need for the usage of AODP?

AODP participant ID, AODP certificates and a valid listing in the AODP user directory are an essential part of the AODP security process.
To start digital distribution via AODP, you must have the following prerequisites. The AODP Registry Authority helps you get started:

Suppliers need:
Retailers need:
Note Note Note AODP in the sheet music sector Note Note Note

In the sheet music sector, AODP is already in use.
You are a music publishing house or a retailer and want to sell digital sheet music? Then you will find more information on how you can also participate under

Where do music publishers, distributors and sheet music retailers get their AODP participant ID and AODP certificate?

The sheet music sector's Registry Authority for AODP participant IDs is the IDNV (International Database for Sheet Music and Musical Products). There you can also get your AODP certificate.

Your direct contact to the AODP Registry Authority in the IDNV:
Phone: +49 2233 80 41 00
Contact form:

Bücher Musik Partners for AODP Registry Authorities wanted Filme Spiele

From books to music, from software to more specific digital goods and their related services – AODP an be used in numerous industries in which digital products play an important role. The building of an AODP network can thus take place in a wide variety of sectors and open up new perspectives and opportunities for industry participants.

it is important to ensure that the corresponding AODP Registry Authority is represented by industry experts so that the corresponding know-how of the Registry Authority can be used in the the AODP network's interest.

You are a well-established player and/or institution in your industry and you are interested in establishing AODP as well in your sector?

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