AODP Automatic Ordering & Delivery Protocol
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AODP Standardisation Center

The AODP Standardisation Center is responsible for:

  • the maintenance and further development of the standard and the corresponding documentation
  • the allocation of Registry Authority IDs (prefixes) to Registry Authorities
  • the provision of the user directory
Die AODP Standardisation Center is operated by

Kalscheurener Str. 8
50354 Huerth

Phone: +49 2233 80 41 00
AODP Registry Authorities

The AODP Registry Authorities are responsible for:

  • the allocation of AODP participant IDs in their respective area
  • the signature of AODP certificates for identification in the AODP network
  • the maintenance and transmission of recommendations on general terms and conditions for suppliers and retailers
  • the transmission of all further relevant information and contractual documents
Current Registry Authorities
AODP Registry Authorities for the sheet music sector
IDNV - International Database for Sheet Music and Musical Products
Phone: +49 2233 80 41 00
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